Insane Arrest Warrant (sane Frank Engelen)

[Leak6] Bielefeld, den 23.06.2019

Totalitarian states pursue innocent people – preferably politically dissenters – torture them, make them disappear without any trace, or simply kill them unabashedly.

Rule of law, such action is generally prohibited. In Germany, there is even a penalty, § 344 StGB.

But whoever believes that there can be no conditions in Germany as in totalitarian states, should rather believe in Santa Claus, because with this wishful thinking, waking up is not so shocking.

The case of adolescent Dave Möbius has long been known to the German Leak6 Readers and numerous network activists.

Dave Möbius and his sister Pia have been treated so badly in youth homes – that Dave repeatedly fled the state-ordered accommodation; his helpers are punished in scandalous trials – namely Jo Conrad and Angela Masch.

Of course, in scandalous processes never to be find negotation protocols even approximately true.

This lying habit – called by Claudia Grether


but unfortunately it is

not a rare exception,
but the proven arbitrary
method of simplification,

which may appear to some a judge as the only solution of the execution pressure imposed on him (see also the Leak6 post VG-Wiesbaden doubts his own Independence!).

Added to this are the financial interests of a helper industry that can only be named this way (see the ARD documentary „Making money with children!“) As well as the mental hurdle to correct wrong decisions once made.

One of the most controversial, but still proven working well varieties of rightdiffraction is to declare unwelcome People insane.

Claudia Grether calls it „murderous German care law„, others speak of psychatrization; since Gustl Mollath – he is notorious nationwide – the criticism got louder. Wilfried Meißner of the Institute for Totalitarianism Defense – he lost his professional admission because of system criticism – that also the reviewer and his behavior, must be recorded on video.

In the case of Frank Engelen’s arrest, the outside world received a call for help on April 23, 2019, that he should now also be psychologically examined, also the investigative arrest Warrant came to the light of the public, whose

literal transcript

reveals that it is all about the suppression of the truth. Leak6 also allows (after others) a critique of the Arrest Warrant:

Wrong is:
„The accused went to Poland and keeps … Dave Möbius … hidden there ever since.“

True is:
Dave is not kept hidden, but hides by his own initiative. Proof by tel. Sign of life from 11.05.2019 (Dave literally: „I also have my freedom“ – in German: „ich hab auch meine Freiheit“), supplemented by a photo with a newspaper from 14.05.2019.

There is a collection of conspiracy theories:

  1. There could be a „perfidious child and organ trading system“ in Germany, from which Dave had to take care.
  2. Employees of the Youth Welfare Office“ could plan to „destroy“ Dave.
  3. Employees of the Youth Welfare Office“ could plan to deprive Dave of his memory „by administering chemical substances„.

These theories are called in the arrest warrant „delusions„, obviously only because such a thing in a constitutional state like Germany is, can only be absurd:

These delusions will almost certainly be pronounced by the accused with respect to his victim Dave Möbius in order to further traumatize and keep him in fear.

The facts are:

Who or what could have traumatized Dave, if not the treatments in the state-run youth homes from which he has fled several times?

What could make Dave fear more sustainable than a constitutional state that even jails his own supporters?

And finally, what more impressively proves the thesis that Dave has to consider himself a disagreeable and possibly unprotected witness than this recent persecution of innocent people? – The arrest warrant itself is the best proof that the above theories are not absurdities, but only a further well done reflection on the real situation. Hence, an analysis of threats that by their very nature – because they are directed towards the future – must always be speculative.

For the rest, the theories in this area can not be understood as threats, because ENGELS are used for their realization
• has no means
• has no motives
• showed no signs;

So related discussions has

not to be called threats but warnings!

As warnings, however, they are very most legitimate!

With regard to warnings, however, in Law there is no Provision for punishment – in any case they must at least be worth considering.

The arrest warrant is to be set aside allready since that reasons immediately, but there are given further more reasons!

For the purpose of detention:

The warrant designates itself as a pre-trial detention order:

„[It] … is ordered to remand on remand, and another, less intrusive, measure does not promise success.“

Pre-trial detention can not succeed at all, because ENGELEN can not know where – even Video testified – free Dave resides. It matters the prohibition of chicane from § 226 BGB:

„The exercise of a right is inadmissible if it can only serve the purpose of harming another.“

As far as fact-based investigations without the aspect of threat or warning give a reasonable suspicion of an involvement ENGELEN, it must be taken into account that it – and because of the proven repeating own decisions – in the worst case might to be judged:

Aid to Self-Determined Escape

Is there back in Germany

Duty to denounce?

The only other explanation would be:
ENGELEN’s theming the dangers would be a ruse within the meaning of Section 235 (1) (#1) of the Criminal Code, in wich he would not have outwitted those actually responsible for Dave to allow his escape, but would have already 4 years before now brainwashed Dave, to now ‚remote control‘ his own decisions in zombie like psychopathic manipulation. – Congratulations!

But if thematization such a theory – in the present case addressed to a 16-year-old adolescent – is not a free and fact- based expression of opinion, but as a cunning or seduction, then our constitutional state would have arrived in the dictatorship – God forbid!

Since a self-deprivation is not punishable, it is even less the aid. Finally, due to the more than dubious behavior of the constitutional state, the justifying emergency should be considered as given. However, the proportionality for imprisonment can never be considered as given.

The warrant also reveals the
evilness of the state’s persecution:

„Wether the delusions of the accused have a medical condition, is currently being examined by a psychiatric expert appointed by the district court of Freiberg.“

Obviously, they want to silence him for good and many officials have a motive for this!

At the same time, this indicates once again that it’s not about finding Dave!

The illegal cooperation of officials, judges and authorities becomes obvious. In the present case, it goes far beyond the scope offered for legal cooperation and supports the thesis of splitting society into classes. All too often, attorneys forget their professional ethos under Section 1 (3) BORA:

They have „… to protect clients from loss of rights, … to protect against wrong decisions by courts and authorities and to secure against unconstitutional interference and state power overrun.“

Public observation seems to be indispensable for controlling the judiciary.

By the way, Leak6 has as little understanding for cases of state arbitrariness as for anticipatory obedience. In arrest Warrant there was themed

  • neither a of risk of darkening,
  • nor danger of flight,
  • nor any bending or enforcement arrest.

All those maximes to say:

„we have to do something against such people
with such people you have to fear everything
whether it is named or not“,

is alien to the rule of law!

The constitutional state has to describe its actions precisely and it is not enough if they all understand the nessessaries ‚correctly‘ in any way.

In the present case, one really has to ask oneself very much, who lives here rule of law and who is outlandish or insane.

You have to keep asking
that the ordinary citizen in the state of law
more effective levers needed
to assure yourself of the welfare of your fellow citizens,
as only blind trust in all,
to represent the ‚office and dignity‘!

(That is the point where lawyers against Leak6
become speechless)

A case, therefore, the unbearably strong scratch on the usually very well-tried rule of the need for a subjective legal interest and makes legal state found in disadvantage in comparison to other cultures.

Several lawyers already pointed to Frank’s lack of insight into self-inflicted wrong within the meaning of § 21 Penal Code, where Leak6 in the struggle for interpretive sovereignty had to Counter with the freedom of conscience from Acts. 5, 29:

One must obey God more than man.

What is the next step?
Does the adolescent have to risk his freedom and come out of hiding so the accused can prove his innocence?
Or is Germany still „in doubt for the defendant“?

Many more links and proofs are to be found in the

German Version of this page.

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